Thank You…But What Next?

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Your advice is seriously helping already!! [From previous stories I wrote to TeenCentral titled “My Friends and My Feelings” and “Friendships and Feelings“]

But…I don’t go back to school or see any of these people till April 20. I am, tho, in constant communication with the girl tho. I feel like it would be wrong to tell her over the phone, but everyday that I’m away from the guy, my feelings grow stronger and so does the urge to tell the girl that we like the same guy.

How do I do this without looking like I’m scared to say it to her face?

Btw all the resources are really helping out. Thanks for everything Teen Central


  • Thank you so much for writing back in to tell us that the advice is helping. We are happy to help you work through the next steps of the situation and offer more suggestions! Remember to click on the TOOLS and LEARN tabs of TeenCentral as we continue to add new content periodically.
  • It must be so difficult to be dealing with this situation while stuck at home during the current situation in our country. Check back on the WHAT’S NEW section of TeenCentral this week for more information about how to handle various types of stressful situations people are dealing with during this time, like the one you mentioned in your post of being out of school!
  • Now for some next steps…I can totally see how listening to your friend talk about the boy she likes all the time would be really hard, when that is the same boy for whom you also have feelings. So tough! Good for you for doing your best to wait it out for a time that you could talk to her face to face. I can see that your gut feeling is telling you that waiting would be the best option. But what’s happening in our country is making is really hard for people to do things in normal ways right now. Everyone has to be flexible and understand that people are doing their best under the circumstances. So if a conversation needs to happen with you and your friend it’s probably okay for that talk to happen over the phone or facetime or Skype (or something similar).


  • You’re doing a great job considering your friend’s feelings. I want you to know that. I can’t guarantee how she will react if you decide to tell her about your feelings. I don’t know for sure that it will go well or not. But, I do think you’re a good friend for taking so much time and consideration to think it through. It may be worthwhile to write down some thoughts about how you might respond to her if she reacts positively or negatively in order to prepare yourself for both possibilities.
  • You’re at a time in your life where you’re figuring out what’s most important to you in friendships and romantic partners. Keeping a journal and writing down your thoughts and feelings as you go through this could end up being very helpful in the long-term. Keep track of traits and characteristics that you feel are a good match for your personality in friendships and romantic partners. Think about what kind of people are healthy for you.