The Boy I Love Is a Jerk

By December 21, 2017No Comments

He said he changed, but he’s so mean to me. A year and a half ago we were together and it was nice. We weren’t official or anything, but he listened to me when I wanted him to and he made me feel amazing. Then he blocked me, met someone else and actually went official with them. Then he went to juvenile hall for a year and a half. All this time I haven’t been waiting or anything. I’ve been with seven other people now, but I mainly felt pretty empty, most of them are a lot older anyways, but with him, I really felt whole. He makes me feel amazing. So anyways a couple days ago I saw him again for the first time in forever. He still has all the same beautiful features from his lips to his eyes. And I know I was probably a bit much since I told him how cute he was every 5 minutes or so, but he’s the one who asked to see me. Which is why it stinks that the next morning he told me he never wants to see me again. The thing that got me was that he said he felt guilty for leading me on. I was basically torn when he said that. I’ve felt broken for so long, but his visit really did make me feel whole. I’m so angry. I called him later today and he was so upset too. Acting like I’m the one hurting him. He told me to leave him alone or he’ll call the cops. Like a couple years ago he was obsessed with me, and he adored me. Even a couple days ago he was telling me how sexy and smart I was, how my butt grew and blah blah blah. Now he’s being a total jerk. I don’t understand him at all. Like literally two days ago he was obsessed with me, then he bedded me again and now he feels bad, but he’s mad at me and he doesn’t want to see me again. It doesn’t make any sense.


  • Relationships with boys can make you feel reluctant and confused. You are smart to question this boy’s actions even though you have strong feelings toward him.
  • Consider the possibilities of why he keeps treating you badly. For example, he may be messing with your head to get what he wants since he repeats the same petty actions over and over again.
  • Only mature and responsible men can truly be trusted. This boy is still young and immature. If you want a mature boyfriend you might have to wait until you’re older.
  • Practice gaining more self-respect because boys seem to be taking advantage of you. Tell yourself you are beautiful and smart and deserve better treatment than this.
  • You can show you deserve respect from boys by being responsible. Paying less attention to boys and more attention to school work would help you get ahead for your future, for example.
  • Take time to consider how you are letting boys use you and how it affects you. Remember that you deserve better than this.
  • In a real relationship, a boy will treat you with love and respect. If he doesn’t you’re not in a real relationship. You can try learning more about what a real relationship is by reading books about them or watch and observe others who have healthy relationships.
  • Since this boy won’t treat you the way you want to be treated you need to consider the fact that there is a good chance he just doesn’t love you. A boy who really cares about you will be your genuine friend. There are other better boys out there.
  • Be brave enough to be yourself. When you be yourself the wrong people leave your life which gives the right ones room to come into it. You should gain real friends, a real boyfriend and real life if you commit to this.
  • Learn to do the right thing. This is the only way you’ll have a better future and earn the respect of others.
  • Focus on being more responsible. This might teach you the value of your own life and teach you valuable lessons to give your life purpose and meaning. You can try getting a part-time job or commit to volunteering. Some great organizations for teens include The Humane Society of the United States, Reading is Fundamental and American Red Cross.


  • In what other ways can you commit to self-improvement so boys will learn to stop taking advantage of you?
  • What are some ways you can learn to be a lady and show it?
  • Do you think it might be a waste to spend so much of your time on boys?
  • What other activities can you think of to help take your mind off boys?
  • Would spending time with friends give you something more positive to do?