Feeling Lost and Alone After a Break-up

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My whole life I’ve wanted to be loved. I always wanted someone who would take the time to hold me, and say that they loved me. After countless tries to get crushes, I began to think I was kind of ugly. I thought I would never get anybody. Eventually I got a beautiful girl, and for the first time I could ever remember, I was happy. After a perfect 4 months of dating, she wanted to break up. I never said or did anything mean to her. I did everything that a boyfriend is supposed to do. Now she won’t even talk to me, and has blocked me on everything I could contact her on. For reasons I don’t know, the only thing to ever make me happy is gone. Most people say to move on, and I did move on from a lot of the crushes that I had, but after 4 months, this is really difficult. I really love her. I had plans to marry her when we were old enough. All my dreams are being destroyed. Without them, I have nothing to live for. I’ve been really depressed and I’ve lost sleep, the ability to enjoy my usual activites, and the feeling of needing to do anything. I dont know what to do at this point.


  • Going through a break up can be heart breaking and gut-wrenching, not to mention frustrating and stressful when you are unsure of the reason for it or how your ex-partner feels. Your strength to reach out for support through this tough time is inspiring.
  • A break up can be really hard to handle alone. Consider telling a trusted family member or friend to see if they can give you added support and possibly advise you on your next steps.
  • Being depressed and losing interest in the things you used to enjoy, want and need to do could potentially be detrimental to yourself. For example, it can lead to low grades, not getting along with friends and family members, etc. Consider trying to do activities that will help to calm you and hopefully lift your mood. If you struggle with this, you can use some of the resources, under the tools tab on TeenCentral, such as the Mood Tracker, Positive Reminder, Running Guide and Strength Training resources.
  • As you can tell, dealing with a break up is hard and everyone deals with it in their own ways. From blocking you out, this is how your ex-girlfriend is dealing with it. Consider trying to make yourself happy and try to cope with the stress and frustration that you are feeling while she is doing the same. Over time, you may be faced with the opportunity to talk to her and figure out where your relationship went wrong or you may just feel good and be ready to continue moving forward with your life. Either way, if you focus on taking care of yourself first you may feel strong enough to do whatever you want if the time comes in the future.
  • It sounds like you are feeling hopeless and depressed, which can be normal when dealing with a devastating situation. If you are feeling suicidal please call The National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 for extra support and guidance.


  • What are some healthy things that you have tried in the past to make you feel happy when you were upset or depressed? Could you try them now to attempt to make yourself feel happy again?
  • Who could you talk to that can help support you in this struggle that you are facing? What advice do you think they would give you?
  • If a close friend or family member was going through your situation, what advice would you give them?
  • When looking at the relationships page under the Learn tab on TeenCentral, do you feel that your relationship used to fit the 8 signs of a healthy or unhealthy relationship? Why? How could your relationship have been different?