This Boy Confuses Me

By November 30, 2021No Comments

So there was this guy in my class we studied together and happen to come along during the time of pandemic we text a lot.  And then one fine day we went on a date a movie date actually honestly had the time of my life after a long time.
It was obvious we liked each other a lot and one fine day(midnight) he asks me out and I gave a yes and after two days he chickened out and told lets to go back to being friends.
I went along and to date, we share the same bond. There is a girl that likes him but he doesn’t like her back and he tells me that if that girl comes and falls on him he is gonna tell her that he likes me so that she backs off.
He considers me his GF but doesn’t accept it directly, in loose conversation he tells that he didn’t meet me today when I ask him about his GF.
He confuses me and honestly, I really like him my face just lightens up when I see him or his messages.
But I am really scared to confess or ask him especially after he chickened out coz before that I at least used to ask him but now it’s a little fear in me. Even if he is busy he makes time to text me and ask me about my day.
does he like me? or is he just wasting his time.
He comes and tells me about a cute girl he sees in college and he is very honest about everything.
now the question is do I wait or move on?
IDK I really do not know… please help


  • Thanks for reaching out to TeenCentral for support! It must be pretty tough and confusing to feel like you have such a great bond and connection with someone but you don’t know where you stand. We can definitely see how it could also be scary to take steps and find out. Awesome job having the courage to try and figure things out for yourself!
  • Being in a situation where you aren’t sure what type of relationship you are in can be really challenging but we have some resources here on TeenCentral that can help. We encourage you to check out the Relationships section under the LEARN tab to help you get some more understanding of what you are experiencing. There are also a bunch of other stories from those with similar experiences that you could check out. We even have a search bar so you can narrow down the stories by subject.
  • If talking to him right now is something that you aren’t ready to do, is there someone else in your life you could talk to about this? A trusted friend or family member could possibly give you additional insight and support that’s harder to get through online conversations.


  • You mentioned some fear from asking him about his feelings and where he stands – which is very normal. Is it possible that you could use another method to express yourself like writing a letter to him? It would allow you to let him know how you feel without all the vulnerability that can be overwhelming in conversations in person at first, and help you get ready for the inevitable talk that will help you both figure things out a bit more.
  • You can also use writing to help yourself figure out if you should wait or move on. Often times when people are faced with tough decisions they make a pro/con list to help sort out their thoughts and feelings to determine what’s best for themselves. We even have a resource under our TOOLS tab for making difficult decisions that could be useful.
  • Going through these types of experiences can take a toll on our overall health over time if we don’t have good self-care habits and coping skills. We encourage you to make sure you don’t lose focus on the things you need to make yourself happy. What are some coping skills and things you enjoy doing when you aren’t having a good moment or day?