This Is Me

This Is Me

I am a young mother struggling with not feeling pretty enough because how my body looks. I recently had a son and I had to get him surgically removed; it’s called a C-section. I had a big, huge belly that is now half-way down but it hangs down. I feel fat. I am with my child’s father and at times I feel as though I’m not pretty enough for him. I fear he will leave me and my son for another girl. He tells me he’s not but sometimes it’s hard to see. I am also currently dealing with a manic episode. I am trying to make it through the night sleeping. Thanks to family members, I can get some rest tonight. I wish I knew some coping mechanism to deal with stressing times like this.


  • Congratulations! Having a baby is a huge accomplishment to go through. Also good for you for reaching out about your feelings. These feelings are felt by many moms of all ages. Your body has gone through a huge change and will get back to its regular shape in time.
  • If you are feeling depressed or down about your body image you might want to talk with your health care provider about these feelings. They can provide resources for you to cope with your feelings.
  • Also, reach out to the online community of other mothers that are supportive of all mothers in every stage. It can help to have fellowship when caring for a child but also about how you are feeling about yourself.
  • Trust can be a difficult issue in any relationship, especially after giving birth. Your boyfriend has told you he’ll be there for you. If you need help communicate with him about your feelings. Let him know you care about him and your new family.
  • Self care is great. Take time to take care of you! Take a long bath, go for a walk, talk with friends, watch your favorite movie, etc. Do something you like to do.


  • What would happen if you asked your health care provider for help in how you are feeling about your body and emotions?
  • What would you find if you reached out to the online community of mothers?
  • What would happen if you communicated your feelings with your partner and trusted him? What do you think he’ll say?
  • What are some things that you can do for yourself for self care?