Too much

Too much

Too much to explain.


  • Overwhelming times in life can tend to leave you lost to where you cannot fully express how you feel. You are strong for reaching out to TeenCentral and supporting yourself through this.
  • Try writing down exactly what it is that is bothering you and follow it up with safe ways to tackle each one of those issues s begin doing so.
  • Vocalizing how you feel is another great way to let out how you are feeling and can give that person the chance to offer help and possible solutions. Consider speaking to a trusted adult such as a school counselor, teacher, parent etc.
  • When juggling a lot on your plate you tend to forget that you matter as an individual which is why it is important to incorporate activities in your everyday routine that bring peace and positivity. Ex: meditation, run/walk, join a sport or after school activity, paint etc.


  • What changes can you make in your life at this moment to improve what you have going on?
  • In what ways have you dealt with your current situation before reaching out to TeenCentral?
  • How can you express your situation without it being too much for you to explain it to someone you trust?