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I am transgender and my dad is always mad about it. I cannot have any trans pride or flags even if I have trans friends and family. He always tell me I’m not that and I’m just faking it. It really hurts. Sometimes, I think maybe it is a phase. I am always looking for things to validate me being trans or prove him wrong. I almost don’t feel trans enough sometimes and I just want to scream and cry about it. I actually am trying to save up money to buy a binder through a friend as Dad refused to buy me one. Also, I am  upset as I’m going into welding and everyone is always like “Oh, a girl in welding! You’ll go far”  instead of worrying about my skill level. It almost feels like I have to stay my AGAB if I want to make it in the welding world instead of relying on my skill level.


  • It sounds like you’re going through a very difficult time trying to process this situation with your dad. Rest assured many other teens can relate to your dilemma!
  • Ultimately you’re dad will have to, on some level, accept your sexual orientation. Perhaps time is the key. Given enough time he may change his view on you being transgender.
  • There are many great support groups for transgender teens online. Be sure to peruse only those web sites that are trusted and reliable.
  • One’s gender does not dictate how successful one is when pursuing a career. If you want to be a welder, then be the best welder you can be! During wartime, many women were called to complete jobs that were not typically considered “women’s work”, including welding.


  • Who else can you speak to regarding your dad not believing you’re transgender?
  • What type of support groups are available to you, both in your community and online?
  • Why would you care if someone told you that you can’t become a welder because you’re a girl? How can you use that doubt to motivate you to become an excellent welder?