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Trouble with dad

By July 20, 2017No Comments

My mom says I have to do as my father says yet he isn’t even a father. He is never there for my siblings and I but I have to ask him for permission to do anything.


  • Having conflict with a parent can be frustrating, especially when you don’t feel supported. It was a great idea to come and vent your frustration here.
  • Consider talking with your mom about your concerns and why you feel you have difficulty interacting with your father, maybe she can make some suggestions.
  • If your siblings are also feeling this way, consider asking your mom and dad to sit down for a family meeting. You can make a list of concerns and present them.
  • It sounds like you are struggling and you have a right to your feelings, but try to consider the perspective of your parents. Your dad may not understand the way you’re feeling and the reasons why. Ultimately, the best option for everyone may be to try and resolve the issues together.


  • How might things change if you told your mom (or your dad) your true feelings?
  • What are some concerns you and your siblings might share at a family meeting?
  • Are there other extended family members or friends of the family who you could go to for support?