Unexplainable feeling!!!

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my boyfriend and I broke up 2 years ago! it ended on the basis of trust…after that in those 2 years i have been single and have not thought of dating anyone new! But he, in fact, moved on and also dated a girl for about 3 months. he is right now single and lately we began to talk! When a friend of mine asked him about his relationship status he said he is better off single and right now he doesn’t believe in the word love! But when we started following each other on Instagram he found ways to talk to me!
we used to text and i used to be rude so that he doesn’t text me anymore, but he did. the times when he seen zones i got mad thinking why isn’t he texting me! So, to get rid of this i blocked him! He then texted me in watsapp asking if i got jealous of him so much that i ended up blocking him! we had a small quarrel and now all i can think of is why did i block him? Why do i still feel like i wanna get back with him! idk what to do.?? I’m so confused and i badly feel like getting back with him. at the same time i’m scared to confront him !!!! at some point, i have confidence that it will workout but again i’m so scared!
literally stuck!!!



  • Wow- you’ve got a lot you’re trying to figure out right now! Thank you for trusting us to try and help you through it.
  • Relationships are such a huge part of life. They can be both scary and exhilarating to navigate. Have you tried making a list for yourself of reasons you broke up in the first place, and reasons you want to get back together? We have a pros/cons list in the “What’s New” section that may help. Once you’re done, take a look and see if the reasons you want to be with this person again outweigh the reasons it didn’t work out the first time.
  • Have you tried talking to someone you trust about how you’re feeling? Talking to someone you trust who knows the situation may be able to help you see it more clearly and help you decide what you want to do.



  • Keep in mind that relationships come in so many various forms. Once you decide what kind of relationship you want to have with this person, it may be helpful to have an honest conversation about what you’re thinking. The only way to know is to be open and honest, right? You may or may not get the answer you’re looking for, but at least you know where you stand!
  • If you’re unsure how to have a conversation, try practicing what you want to say with someone you trust. They can give you honest feedback.
  • Check out the LEARN section on Teen Central for information about relationships – maybe something there will help you figure out if this is the kind of relationship that you want.