Update: It’s Currently the Day Before my “Day” and the Planned Date is Gone.

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update: it’s currently the day before my “day” and the planned date is gone. YES I AM SO BETTER!

You Helped Yourself!

  • Thank you for reaching out to let us know that you’re all right.  We’re glad to hear it!
  • One of the most difficult things about suicide is that an impulsive, or fast decision can have life-ending consequences for you and life-altering consequences for everyone around you. PLEASE take this opportunity to reach out for the help you deserve! If you are having trouble identifying someone in your life to talk to, remember you can ALWAYS call 1-800-273-8255 or text HELP to 741741.
  • If you haven’t already, we encourage you to reach out to a professional to discuss what happened, and how they can help you understand your feelings and ways to keep staying safe. YOU ARE WORTH IT! Taking the time to figure out how you got to that point will be time well-spent for your future.

Consider This:

  • Consider making a list of what you did that helped you overcome your unsafe feelings.  Keep that for yourself and the future.  Remember how important you are!
  • Check out the information about SUICIDALITY in our LEARN section and consider also looking at the information about DEPRESSION. Both may offer some insight into how you got to the point you did and help you not get there again.
  • Another way to take care of yourself is to consider taking care of your WHOLE self. Consider each piece of this MPE TOOLKIT and how you can take care of yourself now and going forward!