What is love?

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Hi. I am a 13 years old and I have been thinking. There is this person I have known for years and we are best friends. But I think I am in love with him. What does love feel like? How do I tell my family? How do I know for sure? And how can I tell him????


  • Love is a very special and important emotion, one that is often times hard to share with others. So, thank you for sharing it with the Teen Central community. It means a lot that you felt safe enough to share your story with us. Thanks!
  • We are glad you reached out to us about your potential relationship and your heavy feelings. If you ever feel like these emotions are too tough to deal with and you need immediate help, please contact the crisis helpline. All you have to do it text “HELLO” to 741741 and you will have support 24 hours a day.
  • People experience love in so many different ways. Is there anyone in your life that you talk to about how you are feeling? Try talking to those safe people in your life that you trust with your emotions. Is there a sibling or close friend that you can talk to about your crush? Talking about your feelings might help you figure out how you want to move forward with your friendship.


  • Think about the supportive relationships you have in your life? If a relationship is important to you, take care of it. Try writing down the things that you would want in a relationship and what it is that LOVE means to you. Writing things down on paper is an great way to “organize” your feelings.
  • Your story is yours to tell! And no one else’s. Love is a big emotion that may feel overwhelming. If you ever feel overwhelmed, try practicing something that helps you relax. This can be anything. Try meditating or taking long deep breaths in a quiet space. This may be helpful in getting your mind at ease.
  • Have you ever thought about telling that friend how you feel? Think about it? What’s the worst that could happen? You could always write down a list of things you want to tell your friend. When your thoughts are listed down on paper they are easier to get out.