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Which Boy Do I Choose?

By July 25, 2017No Comments

This year I have been taking an interest in boys and I can’t pick between which boys I like. There is one who loves working out and there is one who has the same favorite sport as me. There is also one who stood up for me and more. I don’t know who I like anymore. Please help


  • It can be confusing trying to figure out the feelings you have for people you like. You’re brave for reaching out to for support.
  • It can be easy to start to get feelings for someone you can easily relate to. Consider talking to these boys��more to find if you have a deeper connection with them and to see if you have more interests in common. Through this, you may be able to find out if you like or dislike these boys more than you originally expected.
  • Upon getting to know them more, you may want to try to hang out with them one-on-one to get to know them more on a personal level and to see if you have fun and enjoy being with them. By talking one-on-one to them you can, specifically, figure out if they are right for you by their qualities, characteristics, beliefs and morals.
  • Consider talking to a trusted friend or a trusted adult that can give you advice on how to find the right boy for you. It can be confusing and frustrating trying to figure your feelings out on your own but with support it may be easier and less stressful for you.


  • What can you do to get to know these boys a little bit better?
  • What qualities and characteristics are you looking for in a boy that may make one stand out more than the others?
  • Who can you talk to that you trust to give you the best advice on how to get to know these boys better? Why?