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Hi everyone and welcome to TeenCentral!

Teencentral is powered by KidsPeace as a free and safe prevention and intervention resource for youth. Designed by founders Dr. Julius Licata and Ginger Papp as an innovative use of the internet, TeenCentral was unveiled in Washington DC in 1998. For nearly twenty years KidsPeace has provided TeenCentral to teens seeking answers and support to meet the challenges they face.

TeenCentral supports youth in a capacity that is unique from the traditional array of behavioral health services. In fact, TeenCentral often bridges the gap between services, offering youth an immediate resource for safe information and support. Through TeenCentral, adolescents can find information on a variety of topics. Users of the site can also submit a story/post regarding any crisis, problem or situation they are struggling with anonymously and receive a therapeutic support response. Adolescents receive this support from one of TeenCentral’s trained online counselors within 24-hours, safely, anonymously, and free of charge.

TeenCentral online counselors are a group of trained interns and volunteers, overseen by two site administrators (master’s level mental health professionals), and the Director, a Licensed Professional Counselor. TeenCentral users can also provide peer support to stories that have been previously posted using the same ‘Share Your Story’ feature.



I’d like to thank everyone from TeenCentral. I have been relying on the site for several years now and it has helped me a lot! Thank you so much, I hope a lot of people will stumble upon this website.

TeenCentral UserJanuary, 2017

Throughout my life, I have been through almost everything, things that will haunt me for the rest of my life, yet through this website, I take advantage of that and share my stories with teens who feel alone in their situation!

TeenCentral UserFebruary, 2017

TeenCentral has been a life saving resource for my teenager!

ParentJune, 2019

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