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Always puts you down

Example: Making jokes about you or picking on you for something that you have done.

Manipulates you to do the things that they want you to do

Example: Manipulates you to lie or steal something that they want as well.

Someone who takes advantage of you when you need support

Example: Someone who takes advantage of you when you are mad, such as encouraging you to fight a peer when you are more likely to do so because you are angry about something else, when REALLY your “friend” just wants to see that other peer get beat up.

Someone that you can’t trust

Example: Someone who tells your secrets to others.

Lack of Boundaries

Example: Someone who makes you feel uncomfortable by touching you or being in your personal space.

Someone is disrespectful to you

Example: Someone that makes jokes about the way that you look, your culture, or ethnicity.

Jealous of you having other friends

Example: A friend that can be your only friend, and will often keep others away if they get to close.

Spreading Rumors

Example: Often will spread rumors about you. Also, could be someone that likes to do this about other people. However, they also do this about you.

Lack of support

Example: Someone who will not be supportive of positive decisions like studying, or doing something extra at school.

Unable to have a healthy conflict

Example: When in conflict this person may often get aggressive, or assertive with you. They can also completely disregard the conversation or walk away.

How do we end a Toxic Friendship Though?

Good Friend/Toxic Friend

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Conflict Conversation Organizer

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Making Hard Decisions

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