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1-year anniversary

By January 13, 2023No Comments

Im (age) and I have been to an inpatient center 5 times and i dont know hat to do anymore i struggle with sh and today is my 1-year anniversary off my first visit and idk what to do



Help Yourself:


Thank you so much for reaching out to TeenCentral for some guidance. You are very brave for reaching out and sharing your story. Sometimes it can be difficult to talk ourselves and our lives. Know that you are heard and are not alone.

Do you meet with a professional therapist? If so, please make sure you remember to talk about this with them and how it was your 1-year anniversary. They will be able to help you work through these tough times and help to identify some positive coping skills.

If you haven’t already, you should talk to your parents/caregivers about this. It is important that you keep communication open and make sure they are aware how you are feeling to better help you.


Have You Thought Of:


What do you during your down time? Have too much spare time can be dangerous at times. Make sure you give yourself time to unwind and relax, but also make sure that you use your time wisely. Consider finding new hobbies or coping skills.

Many people find reading enjoying. Ask your parents/caregivers if they would be willing to provide you with a book allowance or taking you to the library to pick out books if you are unable to go there alone. Don’t forget to check out your school library as well. You can also find some good reads in there.

Journaling is a great hobby and coping skill. It is a fantastic way to freely express yourself and it’s for only your eyes or those you trust to share it with making it safe and free from others shame. Who knows, maybe you will end up writing stories or poetry!!

Some other options to consider are arts & crafts, woodworking, crocheting/knitting, sewing, exercise, playing on organized sports teams, or even playing/listening/writing music or lyrics. Music is extremely therapeutic and can help to increase positive mood.

Next time you are on our website, please take some time to check out some of these links; Anxiety, Depression, Family, and Being Active and Relaxation under Wellness. Each of these links provide information for each topic, can be found under the Learn tab, and may help you to better understand yourself and ways that you may be able to get the help you need. Next, navigate to the Tools tab and check out Depression, Support Plan, Weekly Mood Tracker, Daily Positive Reminder, Daily Schedule, and Self Positive Talk. Here you will find activity sheets and guides to help you on your journey.