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It’s my first time putting my story out there for others to hear and or see.

So it all started when I was a child. Giving you guys so back story. My mom and dad split before I was even born they were never married. my mom has 4 other children other than me I have an older sister (age) Currently then you have me (age) currently then my twin brother’s who are (age) currently and my younger sister (age) currently.. her kids come from different baby daddies. My mom has always had an issue with her temper. As the oldest of 3 kids from my mom, I had to be the role model. Which never really bothered me but what bothered me most was the way she ran her house.

I would only visit my mom once a week and every other weekend. When I come, over to my moms’ house she would make us older kids me and my sister when we were younger like when she was 12 and I was 8 she would make us run the house my older sister would be cooking meals for the family while my mother would be screaming at me and my younger siblings would be playing and keeping them distracted from what my mom was doing. lashing out at me and my sister verbally and physically. And drinking and drugs. she has always had an issue with medications.

She was so addicted to drugs and alcohol that she would drink so much till she would pass out and then wake up hours later just to drink again. and while she does that she would throw things at me and my sister till she was pleased with herself and what she did. that scares me and my sister will always carry in our heads and our bodies.

Just like she would love to watch us fight. like every sibling do but she would take our stuff while we were asleep and put it in each other’s room. So when we wake up in the morning we would look for it and go to each other’s room and find it and fight back and forth with each other while she would be there just smirking watching us fight. All while after we fight she would hit us telling us to stop fighting. and verbally abuse us about the same things.

To this day between me and my sister there are our biggest insecurities. My body weight is an issue for me. My sister worries about body imagery and stuff not being “Proper” When everything is perfectly fine. She raised us to hate each other. At this time when I was 8 I had just gotten Sexually abused on the school bus by another student. When I told my mother she screamed at me and laughed in my face and told me it was my fault. And I tried to tell my bus driver at the time but she didn’t really listen. And this kid REALLY liked me so she kept with me all the time so this happened a whole year before anyone knew cause i was 8 so i
didn’t know there was anything wrong with what he was doing.

He told me it was just a game like cards and anything else like tic tac toe. And I told my mom everything. not even half of it but there’s just a little but for you guys to keep in mind for what i was going through at the time. While I go visit my mom who beats me and verbally abuses me. And then 2 years ago my mom ripped my hair and beat her till her face was covered in blood. My sister has a scar on her face that you can faintly see from my mom’s engagement ring that sliced my oldest sister’s face open. And after she was gone she would beat me cause my sister was gone.and then she ended up in jail for what she did to my sister but that was like 4 months after it happened..

My sister tried to Kill herself on multiple occasions because she couldn’t handle it anymore . I walked into her trying to herself once. I haven’t seen my mother since October of last year when she drove drunk and I had enough so I told my parents and they went to court to make it so I don’t have to see her anymore unless I want to. Me and my sister still keep in touch dn because of what we have gone through we are stronger than we ever were and our mom tricks don’t work anymore and any time she tries to lay a finger on us we turn on our cameras to prove everything really happened. Is depressing and pathetic that the person who gave us life itself tries to take us out of it.

My mom has always had it out for me before I was even born. She thought if she got pregnant she could trap my dad into a relationship. That failed cause the second he found out he mentioned custody and going to court to get it solved it out. My moms even openly told me and everyone that she’s never loved anyone like she loved my dad. Me and my dad are so similar in looks and personality that she would cry and hit me cause she saw him in me.

I was the only thing that my mom still had with my dad so she would fight the court every time they tried to take me away from her. She lost after the drunk driving cause I had video of it to prove that it happened to make sure that she would have me anymore cause I was done with her bullshit. I had been in and out of patient hospitals because of her and I’m done with her. It feels so free to go through all the trauma. I’m no longer letting her write my life. From now on I’ll write my own life. They took all legal custody away from my mom which technically means Right now I have “ No Mother” but I have a stepmom. I know everyone always talks about how there step-parents are so evil but mine really not she’s like the parent i never had and I wished she was my real bio-mom that weird part is I look more like my dad and step mom then I do my real mom So I have a court date coming up on January 18th. I Love her to the end but i’m a little scared if i’m making the wrong choice. I know I’m not but it’s all so scary to me. I don’t know, I guess the point of this whole thing is to rant and get my story out there.



  • First, thank you for sharing you story with us at TeenCentral. It takes a lot of courage to put a story out there.
  • It is never ok for someone to harm you. If you or someone you know is being abused, please contact assistance. I have included the hotline in this post so that you have it. No matter what state that you are in they can assist you in making a report. If you are in immediate danger, please contact 911.  We also have a great resource called ” Getting Help for Abuse on Your Own” this goes through a variety of resources to keep you and your family safe.

Child Help USA National Hotline
Available 24/7, over 170 languages
Helps youth who are suffering child abuse

1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)


  • It sounds like you have some really supportive adults in your life. Use them for guidance and support. Sometimes we can feel so alone in our journey, but these very people could be the guidance that you need.


  • When you state that you want to share your own story you can do this in many different ways. One of the best ways is to journal. Journaling can do some much for the brain by allowing us to process while using different parts of the brain. This can assist with processing through events and remembering while being provided with a beneficial coping skill.
  • If you do not think journaling is the way, we have a lot of tools in our TOOLS section of our website. Maybe there is something in there that could assist you while you are feeling a little anxious about the court date.  Find what works for you and keep up the good work !!!