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A Cry For Help

By February 18, 2022No Comments

Ok so I have several mental health issues and I’m bisexual. My family does not accept me as bisexual. They say they do but they don’t act like it, and my dad won’t let me tell anyone else. I’ve tried to bring up mental health several times and it never works. Last night I brought up that I think I have adhd and need medication for it, and my dad said that I do have adhd but he doesn’t want me taking meds bc he likes my personality. I can’t focus in class and constantly get in trouble at home for forgetting things or not focusing. I also have anxiety, depression, and gifted kid burnout and I’m not getting help for any of them because my parents “aren’t those kinds of parents” (my mom actual said she “wasn’t that kind of mom” when I tried to bring up mental health). I want to move out bc my family is so emotionally abusive (that’s where I got my anxiety and depression) but I can’t yet because I’m 15, don’t have a license, don’t have a job, and won’t have anywhere to live if I just up and left. Please help me. This is my cry for help!@


  • Thank you for writing into Teen Central and trusting us with what is going on in your life right now. It sounds like there are a lot of things that are happening all at once. That can be super overwhelming, and frustrating.
  • Here at Teen Central our main purpose is to support our writers and inform them how to assist themselves through some difficult times. Some resources that we have available that I do believe may assist you would be located in our LEARN Tab. There are resources here on LGBTQ, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION. I believe that any one of these could provide education on what these things mean, and maybe even get you started with how to talk about them with others.
  • We hear you saying that you need to talk to someone about these feelings. Talking to an adult doesn’t always mean talking to your parents right away, especially if they are not open to the issues you are having. It certainly sounds like you are in that kind of a situation, unfortunately. Perhaps another trusted adult could help in place of your parents such as a coach, teacher, mentor, religious mentor , or even an older cousin or sibling. Do you have any aunts, uncles or grandparents that could be helpful and trustworthy? By talking to another person we allow ourselves to take some suggestions on how to work through some things that make us feel as though we are lost. It also doesn’t hurt to simply let someone know what is going on. TeenCentral is always here to “listen” but sometimes nothing beats a face to face conversation.
  • Are you feeling like you need immediate help right now? Are you feeling unsafe in any way? If so – or if that ever becomes the case – please reach out to a hotline that can help you such as Support for LGBT youth Youth Talkline: 1800-246-PRIDE (7743) or start a conversation on the Crisis Textline Available 24/7 Support to all individuals in crisis Text “HELLO” to 741741


  • There are many different ways that we can support and make suggestions for ways to NOT just “get over things” but rather work with them. One of the top things that I can think of in this moment would be writing down your ideas. Once you have written down how you are feeling (writing allows for us to process information better), then attempt to talk to your parents or the trusted adult we mentioned earlier.
  • One thing that you reported is that your father does not want you on medication as it will change your personality. A fun fact about personality and the brain is that yours at 15 is still developing. Maybe within the next conversation you have (always respectfully) you can take the time to really talk to them about how it is important for you to see someone to make this diagnosis. The thing about ADHD is that it can appear as if it is ADHD but ultimately something else could be going on. By talking to a professional you may be able to find out what is truly happening. Involve your parents in this and allow for them to hear what is going on so that you can work through this together as a family. Here is another option – the next time you see your doctor you could talk to him/her/they about your worries. At 15 you are legally old enough to ask these questions about your mental health and even to request treatment for it. Your regular doctor can even prescribe medications and talk to your parents about why they are necessary for you. This may help convince your Mom and Dad about the seriousness of what you are experiencing.
  • The last thing that we have to offer here that I really think could benefit you would be some lessons on relaxation. This can be found in our TOOLS section of our website. There is a little bit of everything in there from music, to sun salutation, and even a virtual hug. Take the time to calm your mind and relax yourself before making any serious decisions.