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A Message of Encouragement

By September 28, 2023November 22nd, 2023No Comments

Hello, I am a normal person like everyone else in this world, but maybe not well.  My proposal is to say if you feel alone with emotional problems, speak up. You don’t have to be afraid of what others tell you. Nowadays there are many people who prefer to die than talk about their problems. In my experience, I have depression, melancholy. The symptoms are severe depression, characterized especially by deep sadness and despair.

Having that depression leads me to do bad things, like cutting myself, or more than anything, hurting myself with my own body. Now I’m thinking it was very stupid to do that because you don’t gain anything by just hurting yourself. I’m not ashamed to tell you this makes me stronger.

Now I am with a specialist and I am already a little overcoming the depression. My friends helped me and I am grateful because if it weren’t for them I don’t know what would have happened to me. That’s why I recommend that you talk, because if you stay silent everything will happen. Worse, the fear of being judged is of no use to us.

I know a person who committed suicide. She was a very good person, everyone loved her, but she felt alone. She also hurt herself. She pretended to be fine so that people would not worry about her. For me she was like my sister.

She lost her parents and then she decided to commit suicide. It is something very strong because she was a very happy person with a future ahead of her. That’s why I tell you this. So that if you have someone with anxiety or a problem, help them. You don’t have to let this happen.

This is just a message and thank you.

With Gratitude

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to those who need it and offer your sincere words of encouragement.  It is unfortunate that you are dealing with depression, but it’s wonderful that you’re getting the help you need.   Hopefully your words will help someone else seek the help that they need as well.  So often people are hesitant to seek support from people around them.  It’s great to have someone who’s been/going through it provide some support to help themselves.

As a reminder to anyone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts, you can call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 988, or you can contact the site below:

National Suicide Hotline
Available 24/7
Helps individuals in suicidal crisis with support