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So, I really like this guy, we’ll call him George. I met him a year ago but only became close with him a couple months ago, and he is like no other. He can make me laugh and stands up for me, but still lets me fight my own battles. We both tell each other about our family problems but I rarely get to see him and it’s killing me. But yesterday I met another guy, we’ll call him… John. He is a couple years older than me, but we have the same hobbies and a funny personality. I’ve only known him for a day, but he made a lasting impression. But now I’m torn. George… or John?

Things You Can Do Right Now:

It seems like you’re faced with a difficult choice. Thank you for trusting TeenCentral and sharing your story.

It is sounds really hard to make a choice when there are positive and good things on both sides. Sometimes it helps to write a pros and cons list, that may help with your decision making. Under the Tools tab there are helpful tools based on how you are feeling or something you are struggling with. Check out Making Hard Decisions under the tools tab.

Is there any one in your life that you could talk to? Maybe a parent or other family member you are close to? Sometimes talking about our feelings will help us feel better as well as getting another perspective from someone you trust. Although this is a very difficult decision it’s a decision only you can make.

Consider This:

If you start to feel to overwhelmed or stress with your decision making there are ways to help you relax and manage your emotions. Consider the following coping recommendations:

  • Writing/Journaling – sometimes putting your thoughts into words and writing them down helps ease some tension.
  • Self-Talk – saying positive affirmations can help us feel better. Check out Positive Self-Talk Statements.
  • Music – listening to music you like helps sooth the mind and the body.

Lastly check out Daily Positive Reminder because there’s always something positive, we can take from each day, no matter how small. Wishing you the best outcome, you got this!