I have been having a hard time communicating with people at times I just want to be alone. When I am with friends and loved ones I cannot seem to enjoy my time with them.


  • The fact that you’ve recognized that you’re struggling with communicating with friends and family members shows insight. That’s a good thing!
  • There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to be alone. However, if the desire to be alone and isolated begins to impact your relationships with others then there could be a problem.
  • Try to pinpoint exactly why you’re having a difficult time communicating with others. Determine if it’s because you have nothing to say on the subject at hand, you’re not interested in the issue being discussed, you’re embarrassed to share your thoughts, etc…
  • If possible, you might consider seeking a therapist or counselor to discuss what you’re experiencing right now.
  • Although it may be difficult, you might want to let those around you know about how you’re feeling when you’re in their presence.


  • What is the primary cause for your lack of communication with others? How long have you felt this way?
  • How do you feel about sitting down with those you’re closest with to discuss this issue?
  • How has the lack of communicating with others affected your life thus far?
  • How do you feel about seeking out a counselor or therapist to discuss this issue?