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At Fault & Blamed

By September 2, 2022No Comments

I’m at fault for somethings than others I’m nor that I’m getting blamed for that are very serious enough that involves cops. I don’t know who to talk to or how much should I tell I have enough getting lecture and blame for. Here few I’m getting blamed for
1. Getting unprofessional
2. Talking about war situations
Help I have talked to family there said to stand down and let them talk I do but I do I get put in uncomfortable situations and situations I don’t want to be in it not fare.


Help Yourself:

  • Wow! This sure sounds like a tough situation to be in! Thank you much for contacting us for some guidance.
  • No one likes to be accused for something they are not guilty of. That is definitely an uncomfortable situation and feels scary and unfair. You said you are being accused of being unprofessional and talking about war. Is this at work? At school? At home or with friends?
  • Think about who you have in your corner. Who can you go to that you feel comfortable with and can trust. School teacher or counselor? How about an older sibling or cousin? Consider seeking out some advice from any of them. Sometimes it can be hard to see other perspectives when you are in the middle of everything. Being open to these other perspectives can help you see the “why” behind it all and “why” some people feel, think, and believe what they do. Understanding this can help you to make different choices in the future and learn and grow.


Consider This:

  • Take some time to read through some of the other posted Stories and the blog entries from TeenCentral in the What’s New section. These are great options to learn from others experiencing similar situations and read their responses from many different TeenCentral writers.
  • When you have the chance, check out the Grief & Loss, and the Military Family Life sections under our Learn tab. Reading through this information may help you understand why it can be difficult for others to hear people talk about war situations.
  • In our Tools section, there is some reading material about Social Skills. This has been found to be helpful to help navigate through social interactions with friends and peers in appropriate and even professional ways.
  • You stated that your family has told you to “stand down”, have you sat and asked them why and to explain the situation to you? Consider asking these questions. Choose your timing well however. If you attempt these questions during a heightened situation, the conversation will not be very effective due to emotional reactions to the situation. Ask calmly and respectfully and make sure you let it be known that you are trying to understand and learn so that you do not make these same mistakes again.