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Bullying Advice

By March 20, 2023No Comments

So I am not the person being bullied, a kid I see gets bullied everyday. I have literally found him hiding in stairwells that are rarely used during breaks and lunch he is always alone or someone is saying or doing something to him. I have tried to talk to him and have even sat with him even in the empty stairs on breaks but he seems so traumatized. I noticed a substitute once try to come to his aide but they didn’t care they called him names even with her standing there. I am at a loss and I am pretty new to this school I don’t understand why someone does not do something to help him I’ve told a couple teachers and nothing seems to have helped I honestly just don’t understand why. He has never said a word not even to me and I am always super nice to him, he even flinches if I touch him. He seems so scared, I am not Mr. Popular myself and I have no influence on others here. I have came to his aide also to try to stop the abuse but get caught in the crossfire myself so much to the point I was called a fag lover. But I can stand up for myself. It is not just verbal its also physical abuse nothing that can hurt him physically I don’t think but what I have witnessed is gum thrown in his hair, stuff thrown on him being spit on even stuff stolen from him. I am so at a loss and am scared for him.


Help Yourself

  • Thank you for writing into TeenCentral .  It take courage to tell your story.
  • I know that you mentioned that you told some teachers , but continue to talk to the school. You could talk to anyone from a guidance counselor , principal, or coach. You could also speak to your parents who could also provide you with some resources, and or guidance to this as it is a very important one. They may even be able to assist with discussing your concerns with the principal. You have every right to be concerned about this.

Consider This

  • I think that it is great that you are attempting to assist this individual and be their friend/ support. I do believe that it would be important for an adult to be made aware though due to the extreme nature with the physical violence that is occurring towards this individual as it seems to be escalating to the point where is potential assault ( spitting and stealing).
  • Take time to maybe get to know this person. Sitting next to them a day is great, but maybe taking time to make sure that they know that you are there to support them through just one day. Who knows you may have a lot in common.
  • You are doing a great job and keep up the great work.