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Caught up in Plans

By January 2, 2024No Comments

Ever feeling like too much is put on your shoulders? Everyone’s thoughts and ideas pushed onto you? Maybe you are constantly doing what everyone else wants to do. Well guess what…ME TOO!! I am 14 years old, and frankly I am too caught up in plans, such as sports, school, social life. I call them the three S’s. Going through all this stress gave me the mindset that you must do what everyone else wants you to do, or act like. It took me a couple years but I figured out, to just stop. Take a minute of alone time. Away from your friends nagging about sleepovers, or your family setting up vacations. I have found that a good hour in my room, (or any safe space!) is so very crucial for mental wellbeing. I hope anyone who is feeling caught up in all their activities can see this short little blog and hopefully feel a bit better. Lots of love from Philadelphia.



First, I would like to thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral, your story is a perfect example of doing what is right for you.

You stated that you are feeling a lot of stressors right now. Make sure that you are taking time to talk to a trusted adult if you feel as though things are becoming too much. You write in such a positive way, but it is easy for things to spiral if we don’t watch them.  Always make sure that you have a backup plan for something to talk to. This can be anyone from a parent, coach, school counselor, or a religious affiliate.


Doing what is right for you and having a sense of self awareness is never a bad thing! Here on TeenCentral we have many links and entries that are meant to help teens with all different issues and problems. Growing up is hard but especially for teens. It’s hard for a lot of adults (yes, we still are growing and learning too) you will be faced with all kinds of decisions (hard and easy). From what you stated it seems you have a very busy schedule and life in general. TeenCentral has a drop-down menu listed Tools. If you look you can find a tools to help you with all kinds of things. Check it out I am sure you can find something there that can help you learn and grow.

The stressors of life can sometimes overwhelm us in some ways. It is always good to have something to make keep that stress at bay. One of my favorite tools that we have is called Sun Salutation. I have linked it here for you. It’s a great meditation technique and can really guide someone to a place of ease.

You are on the right track, not to mention you’re sweet and wonderful for sending out LOVE! Keep your head up and try your best! You got this!