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Choices and Growth

By September 2, 2022No Comments

I am not a teen any longer, but I remember when I used to come on her and write what I was going through. Right now I am 29 years old and this morning I just feel stupid. The choices that I knew better to make are driving me to tears. I have a job now and I go to school. I don’t want to do nothing.



Help Yourself:

  • Hello and welcome to TeenCentral! TeenCentral is a great forum to share your story.
  • Congratulations on going to school! That is a very exciting journey and the possibilities are endless!
  • It is a normal part of life, growth, and maturing when you sit and think about all of the should’ve could’ves. As we grow and mature, we all tend to think back to our previous choices and sometimes wish that we made a different one. Just remember that the past is the past for a reason and it’s not the wishful thoughts of wishing we made different choices that truly matter, it’s learning from the choices that we have made to make better/different one from this point forward.  We must always strive to be a better version of ourselves tomorrow than what we are today.


Consider This:

  • Now that you are in school, you have limitless possibilities to keep you busy. Consider organizing your classes, assignments, and materials. It’s a very good feeling to sit back and look at everything organized and even getting a head start on some assignments or reading. This also helps with your time management for assignments, work/school balance, and Self – Care.
  • With working and going to school, it can feel very overwhelming at times. Don’t forget that you can’t give from an empty cup. Take some time out of each day for you and your mental health. Try going for walks, exercising, dating, or meeting & hanging out with friends.
  • Do you have any hobbies? Hobbies are an important part of Self – Care and your own mental health. Ask yourself, “What do I do for me?” Consider writing stories or journaling. Exercise is amazing for your mental health and gets to happy juices flowing. Consider small woodworking or wood burning projects. They are very soothing and occupy both your hands and your mind. YouTube has many video guided lessons for such hobbies that are very informative and helpful.
  • If you are ever looking for some ideas of how to accomplish any of this or just for some information, feel free to explore our website and check out our Learn and Tools sections. Here you will find information and small activities to get you started on many topics such as Wellness, Depression, Strength Trainings, Daily Task Chart, Daily Schedule, and Self Positive Talk.