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Crush Help

By June 12, 2017No Comments

I’ve had a crush on this girl at my school for almost a year now. School has  just let out and now we are both going to different schools next year, so I won’t see her anymore other than around town. My crush has a sister I see every day at tennis practice who looks just like her and when I see her I think of my crush. How should I go about getting over my crush so I don’t get a crush on her sister?  Her sister reminds me of her all the time, is also 6 years younger than me and in elementary school.

Thank you.


  • Your feelings concerning your crush are understandable.
  • Try to keep yourself occupied with different hobbies to help you get over your crush.
  • Join a club or group, or exercise and hopefully you can meet others you find interesting, which might also help you get over your crush.
  • if you find that thoughts of your crush and even her younger sister, are consuming your time, talk to a trusted adult or friend to get help dealing with it.


  • What are some of the hobbies that you can do to help you get over your crush?
  • Who is another trusted adult with whom you can speak to help with getting over your crush?
  • What are other ways in which you can get over your crush?