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Current Treatment

By September 30, 2022No Comments

I’m currently going to a partial hospitalization program, and the psychiatrist on my first day upset me very much and it’s been hard to deal with. He said in a very offensive tone “and…. You…You… tried to DROWN yourself? How did you even do that?” And then he persisted to question me about my sexuality and what it meant to me and that’s a very sensitive topic for me as I feel unsafe expressing it since it’s seen as evil in almost all my communities: school, church, home…. He also said “you’re a stressor to yourself… whatever that means” and he laughed. I don’t know how to tell someone he makes me feel uncomfortable.

Consider this:

Thank you for reaching out to the TC community.  You have valid concerns so let’s see if we can figure out a way to make this work!!

  • I’m sorry you had such a bad first impression with your Dr.  Psychiatrist don’t always have the best “bedside” manner but that is not an excuse for the experience you had.  Have you had a conversation with your guardian about your experience?  This may be something that can easily be taken care of if the Dr. is made aware that their comments were insensitive.
  • Advocate for yourself!!  I know it’s hard especially if your already dealing with a lot.  You have the right to be heard and not feel ridiculed or made fun of.  The Dr. may have thought they were “breaking the ice” and what they thought was jokingly came across as offensive to you.  Let the Dr. know that the comments really upset you and made you feel uncomfortable.  Sometimes all of us need a reminder to be more empathetic with each other.
  • If your in partial hospitalization, you have a therapist also.  Let the therapist know about your experience and they may be able to help navigate through the situation.  You have rights, and everyone want’s you to receive the best treatment.  I have a feeling the Dr. didn’t realize he was being so insensitive.

Help Yourself:

  • You need to identify coping skills that work for you to help you through these tough times.  Art, journaling, deep breathing are all great ways to help alleviate stress and anxiety.  Check out the TC website for articles on all these and much more.
  • Nature-  it is a wonderful time of year.  take a walk in a park, breath in the fall air.  fill your lungs until you can’t get anymore air inside.  Hold it for 2 seconds and then exhale every bit of air out of your lungs.  This really does work!!!!  it’s a way to instantly help alleviate anxiety and stress
  • Diet- start a food journal.  it is essential to provide our body with nutrients to be able to have good mental awareness.  It is easy to forget to eat or just skip meals when we aren’t feeling our best.  Keep a journal and document your meals.  Just make sure that you are providing your body with nutrients.  Enjoy the not so healthy stuff from time to time like chocolate or perhaps some chips.  But make sure your fueling your body so that you can fuel your brain.
  • Continue therapy-  Don’t be afraid to let it all out to your therapist.  They do this job because they want to help.  However, they can’t read your mind.  You have to open up, let it all out and then you will see progress.  You will make it through these hard times!!!  Don’t give up, your stronger than you think you are!!!