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Dangers of smoking

By June 1, 2017June 6th, 2017No Comments

I first started smoking when I was 11 and I remember being told that you cannot get addicted. I also remember when I was really young saying I would never smoke. But the truth is you can get addicted. I find smoking to be a friend for me; it is something to just pass the time.

I am so addicted to smoking. It costs a lot. I have been smoking for more than 5 years straight every day, 2 packs of 25. I am 19 now. I wish I never smoked. In Canada, we have labels on our packs telling you that smoking kills, development of lung cancer, and other dangerous consequences. But I just ignored them off and did not take it seriously. I always used to say that I am too young to get cancer. But, I was wrong. My good friend died 22 months ago from smoking. The next day I get a call saying my good friend has lung cancer. She is only 18 years old. The doctor said it was secondhand smoke that did it. Crazy enough, her mom has lung cancer too. Now I want to quit, as I have 2 friends with lung cancer. According to statistics, at ages 17 and 18, there are 4 people with lung cancer! It can happen to you!


  • Thank you for sharing your story! Hopefully, more individuals, especially young adults and teenagers, need to realize  that smoking is harmful.
  • There are numerous ways on how you can quit smoking. You have to think of the best options that would work the best for you. Some people choose to quit cold-turkey, while others prefer a nicotine patch treatment approach.
  • First, consider behavioral therapy. This type of treatment involves a cooperation with a counselor. Through one-on-one sessions, you will analyze all the factors like certain emotions and/or situations that cause you to smoke. Lastly, you will create a plan that will help you to stop thinking about smoking again.
  • You may also contact your family doctor and ask for a possible treatment and medications that would help you.
  • What matters is setting a goal to quit smoking and do anything to achieve that goal. Good luck!


  • How have these terrible events affected your smoking habits?
  • How can you help others that may also want to quit smoking?
  • Of the recommendations listed above, which one seems like the best option for you?