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Deeply Depressed

By June 3, 2024No Comments

Hi, I am deeply depressed, overwhelmed by sadness and loneliness. Living with ADHD feels like a constant battle, and I can’t shake the feeling that my parents see me as a failure, someone utterly useless. They are convinced I’ll fail my finals, and their constant pressure and guilt are crushing me. I find myself contemplating the end, thinking that death might be the only escape from these relentless problems. My best friend has inexplicably distanced herself, leaving me completely isolated with no one to confide in. Everything around me is falling apart, and the weight of it all makes me want to disappear. I forget things so easily, and it feels like bad luck is my constant companion. I can’t seem to find any happiness within myself anymore.

Ways To Help Yourself

Hello, first and foremost, thank you for trusting TeenCentral and sharing your story with us. It sounds like you’re going through a really tough time right now. Be proud of yourself for reaching out it takes a lot of courage.

Depression can be very tough to deal it and at times feel very overwhelming. Here on TeenCentral under the “Learn” tab we have a section on Depression that may help, check it out. It talks about Depression and some symptoms you may experience. Depression can make you feel lonely and at times feeling like ‘contemplating the end.’ Please know you can always reach out to out Crisis Text Line by texting “HOME” to “741741” or on their website at You can also reach out to The National Suicide Hotline at Someone is always available 24/7, there is someone always just a call or text away. If you ever feel unsafe or like you have no one to talk, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

You mentioned your best friend isolating you and your parents making you feel pressured. Do you have anyone else in your life you can talk to that you trust? Think about it, a family member, a neighbor or a trusted adult at school? Maybe a teacher or a guidance counselor? Sometimes talking to someone about what’s going on can help feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders. This might help the tough times feel a little but easier.

Under the “Learn” tab we also have categories on Families, Friendships and Suicide. It may help with what you’re going through. We also have the “Tool” tab where it helps you think of different ideas on coping mechanisms.

Consider This

Journaling – have you considered journaling? Sometimes writing our thoughts and feelings down can help organized them as well as expressed ourselves through unspoken words. Consider picking a different topic each day to write about such as: ‘today am feeling, feelings that would describe my emotions today are, etc.’

Hobbies/Interests – do you have any hobbies or interests that help keep you distracted or calm? Have you tried different hobbies to see which one you might like or may help you. Are there afterschool programs or summer programs for teens that you could look into?

Deep breathing – have you ever considered doing deep breathing exercise? Deep breathing can help calm your heart rate and refocus the mind. There are many breathing techniques you can practice try looking some up.