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vent?? idek man

hi again!! anyway i literally don’t know what to do with my life anymore lol. i know that i was given the diagnosis of depression but this doesn’t feel like depression anymore.  when i did consider myself depressed, i wanted friends and wanted to receive help, however, i don’t want anything in my life at all. i have the skills to socialize with people, but i don’t want to and also have no urge to, even though i have no friends. i somehow convinced my mom to stop making me receive therapy, as i believe i don’t need it anymore. my family is outraged with my decision to quit care, but i don’t see anything wrong with it. i’ve always been an aloof person, but this is the most i’ve ever isolated myself from others. most people tend to be taken aback when they learn i have these problems, as i tend to put on a timid, but caring persona. i detach myself emotionally from every situation i’ve come into contact with. i’ve been told by some people that there’s a possibility it could be schizoid personality disorder, however, i wouldn’t like to jump to conclusions, and i’m still a minor. personality disorders aren’t typically diagnosed for teenagers, so i’m kinda clueless.

anyway that’s all i got to unpack for you. have a nice day!


  • Thank you for reaching out to us again here at Teen Central, and trusting us to help you through this time. First I’d like to applaud you on paying attention to your needs enough to realize that you were in pain, and were willing to seek help for it. That’s an extremely difficult first step. Did a trained professional or someone close to you talk to you about ending therapy, or was that a decision you made for yourself? You may want to ask yourself what the reason was for terminating that part of your treatment.
  • On the TeenCentral website you can find some very good information about DEPRESSION that might help you answer some of the questions you seem to have about this illness. Click on the LEARN tab and then DEPRESSION. You can also go to the TOOLS area of the website and select the DEPRESSION tile. This will provide to you a downloadable booklet that you can print and use as a resource.
  • While you’re working through this situation, it’s important to know what resources you have available to you. If at any point you begin to feel unsafe, or need to reach out to an impartial person, please feel free to use the resource Crisis Textline, available 24/7. Just text “HELLO” to 741741 or visit
  • It sounds like there are some challenging interactions in your immediate family right now, but perhaps there is some other trusted adult who would be willing to listen to you – someone who you know really cares and would give you good advice about the questions you have. Think about who that could be and consider talking with him or her.


  • From your story it sounds like your family is concerned about you. Have you thought about why you’re trying so hard to avoid your family’s suggestions? This would be a great question to consider in a journal entry. Do you keep a journal? Journals can be very helpful for people who are suffering, or anyone really.
  • How much time do you spend outside on a weekly basis? Getting sunlight is a really important aspect of dealing with depression. I know you don’t think you have depression but it may be worth a try anyway to improve your state of mind. It doesn’t have to be “sunny” per se, in order to work. Just being outside is enough for the Vitamin D to help you emotionally. Exceptionally low levels of Vitamin D are often found in people who suffer from depression and this can be solved simply by getting outside on a regular basis.