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I don’t get thoughts often anymore, but I know they can come back at any time, I struggle with depression and my mom says I am dramatic, and all my family invalidates me which makes me feel like I am a person, it makes me feel alone and very shallow, I’m very disrespectful to my family at times even when they are just trying to help me. and disobedient I feel like I can’t control it and all I can wonder is why that’s all my family can wonder also. I thought it maybe be because of my upbringing but they put the blame on me and made it an argument, later that night the thoughts come back. there’s so much more I want to say, and so much I want to learn about myself and why I am the way I am, but I don’t even know where to start please help. there is also something else, my other half is at child peace i have no clue what to do with myself now that she’s not here anymore, its torture and i know she feels the same if there is any way you can do this. can you tell [her that I am] (names kept private for anonymity) here for her and to stay strong and i love her so much.


  • Thank you for writing to TeenCentral. It sounds like you have a lot to say and we are here to listen. You can probably tell by reading other stories on the site that there are a lot of kids here who have a lot to say too. We want you to know that the feelings are having are valid and that people who are telling you that your feelings are wrong or dramatic simply don’t understand how to help a person who is suffering. One thing you should know is that you’re not alone.
  • You keep referring to these thoughts that come and go again. I’m wondering what kind of thoughts they are. If they are thoughts about hurting yourself please pick up the phone and dial 988 or text HOME to 741741. Both of these numbers are hotlines for people who are in immediate crisis. They will help you through situation if the thoughts you may have are about hurting yourself or killing yourself. They are both available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Don’t suffer alone. Pick up the phone and talk to somebody.
  • Speaking of talking to somebody, beside your parents who seem to not be very supportive, do you have any other trusted adults in your life who are supportive? I’m talking about guidance counselor or a coach, teacher, spiritual leader, etc. any of these people who you feel that might listen to you would be good people to sit down and talk to you about these feelings and thoughts you’ve been having. It’s always good to call a hotline or send a story into TeenCentral. But nothing is quite like a good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation.


  • We can tell by reading your story how much stress you are under right now. And throughout your life you will have to deal with stress whether it’s something like what you’re going through right now or something else like work or family issues or financial issues. You should have coping skills for this kind of stress. Some people decide to see a therapist. Have you ever talk to somebody like that? If not it might be worthwhile to try. You said in your story that you would like to learn more about yourself and this would be a great way to do that.
  • You can learn about coping skills on your own as well. One that is really helpful if you get used to doing it on a regular basis is journaling. Here is an article that we recommend you read if you are not journaling now but would like to start. Read this what’s new blog on journaling as a coping skill for stress.
  • If writing isn’t your thing and you’d rather use art as a way to express yourself you can do an art journal instead. As a way to get started on our journaling read this what’s new blog on Art as a coping skill for stress. Both of these are good self-discovery stress reducers.
  • It really seems like you’ve got a lot in your mind and heart that needs expression and exploration. But you can work through this if you follow some of these suggestions and make sure that you call the hotline’s if in the meantime things get just too big for you to handle on your own. We believe in you and the world needs you!