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Me and this guy idk still dating got in a huge disagreement and he end up walking away and yes I followed him and got him to return back and keep things cool also the agreement was about his past relationship and his 2 kids that are adopted and he has a felony and me sending everything (explict)  but I just want old school romance is that to much (explicit )  also I have total gave this man $180 from gas,food,doing is laundry as he having issues with DHHS I went and got frozen meals for him but it getting to point enough is enough


Help Yourself

It seems you’re going through a really difficult time now. Thank you for having the courage to share your story with TeenCentral. Be proud of yourself for reaching out for help. Here we focus on helping Teens with the difficult things that might come up, and appreciate you reaching out to tell us your story.

If you ever feel unsafe or feel sad and have no one to talk to you can reach out to the Crisis Text Line by texting “HOME” to “741741.” They are available 24/7. Someone is just a text away.

Is there anyone in your life you feel safe talking to about your situation? A parent, older sibling, a neighbor or a trusted adult at school like a guidance counselor? Being able to get your feelings out can help feel like a weight is lifted of your shoulders.

Consider This

Here on TeenCentral we have many tools to help. Check out the “Learn” tab under “Families.” It gives suggestions on dealing with family members and offer you some comfort during this difficult time.

Journaling – can help express thoughts and feelings, it can also help organize your thoughts.

Yoga – combines physical movements and breathing exercise to help improve ones mental health.

You can also check out the “Tools” tab. It offers different coping exercises and suggestions that may help, such as  ‘Making Hard Decisions,’ check it out.