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Do I need to move to get over him?

By June 3, 2017June 5th, 2017No Comments
I dated a guy who I was deeply in love with, but I was afraid that it would end (like a previous time before), so I ended it to avoid any pain. Since then, he’s gotten a new girlfriend, but he still has feelings for me. Even so, he wants to give his new girlfriend a chance. I feel really depressed, and I don’t want to keep feeling this way. It’s so bad that I’ve considered moving out of state to my Dad’s. What can I do?


    • Ending relationships can be challenging. Ultimately it always seems like one person is hurt more than the other. And that is never easy!
    • You might want to take time to care for yourself before you commit yourself to another relationship.
    • You can learn valuable lessons about what you want out a relationship and what difficulties you experienced in this relationship that lead you to end it.
    • Consider everything that goes into moving to a different state: Starting at a new school, making new friends, living with people you haven’t lived with in a while.
    • Distancing yourself from people that you hung out mutually or mutual friendships and hobbies you shared can help ease the depression.  Also, you might want to distance yourself from places you hung out with him for a while until you feel less depressed and more stable emotionally.


  • Based on your conversations with others, how were they able to overcome their feelings of loss/sadness from a failed relationship?
  • What are all the pros and cons of moving to your dad’s home at this point?
  • What lessons can you learn from this relationship and past relationships that you can use going forward?