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Do Parents Just Give Up?

By March 19, 2022March 22nd, 2022No Comments

I’m 16 and I vape or smoke frequently ish. I do everything my mom asks of me so I feel I’m still respecting her previously she has caught me with vapes or whatever and took them. This time today she found out and did not take anything at all. Do you see this as her giving up on me is this a good or bad thing?


  • First we want to thank you for reaching out to Teen Central! Reaching out and sharing your story is sometimes the hardest thing thing to do. So, we thank you for your courage!
  • Is there someone close to you that you can talk to about this? Have you attempted to talk to your mom about how she feels about you smoking? She could very well feel defeated and doesn’t know how to express that to you.
  • It’s curious that you ask if your mom is giving up on you. Do you want her to continue fighting with you about smoking? It sounds like there is a small part of you that knows smoking and vaping are not the best things for your body and that you probably should stop. Maybe you want your mom to care enough to keep fighting you on this for that reason. On the other hand – from your mom’s perspective – she might not want to make everything a fight with you all the time. She values the relationship she has with you and wants to find other ways to get her point across to you than just always fighting. That’s why our first suggestion – talking – might be a great place to start.
  • At the top right of the TeenCentral page you can search “Smoking” and can read other stories of individuals who may have gone through similar situations. You will not only see their stories but also the responses of counselors which, might be helpful to you. It’s also nice to know that you are not alone in difficult or confusing situations.


  • If you hover over the Learn Tab there is a variety of information about Substance Abuse that could give you more insight about the things that are concerning to your mom about this behavior.
  • Something else to think about: how has your smoking habit affected the relationships of the people around you? Are there others who are disappointed about your smoking? Have others tried to help you stop? Have you considered why they might have done this?
  • If you haven’t been told already, smoking can be a hard habit to break and the earlier it is addressed the easier it would be to quit. Other activities and hobbies could help you get away from smoking. I know it doesn’t seem important now but your health will one day be extremely important to you. When you look back you might wish you had made different decisions now about smoking and vaping.