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Does anyone see me??

By May 23, 2017May 31st, 2017No Comments

For the past two weeks I have felt invisible from everyone except for a few. I have felt unwanted and unneeded. I hate it so much because at one point in my life I was invisible and, at that point in life, I wanted and somewhat tried to commit suicide and the only person who knows is my best friend.
I don’t want to go back to being invisible and unwanted because it was such a lonely existence for me. I’ve cried more than I have in a long time.
I lost the running for a club officer position, I can’t do an acting scene for my club, and I’m tired of life. I’m being bullied by my teacher and no one seems to care. I want to die because no one wants to listen to my feelings or what I have to say. So how do I become visible again? How do I stop the bullying? And how can I stop the suicidal thoughts?


  • Your feelings of being alone and invisible are by no means a reflection on your character or value as a person. Bullies and unkind people try to make themselves feel more powerful by pushing others down. Being a target of that sort of behavior can feel extremely isolating, but you are not alone. If you look through some of the stories in our “Stories” section here at, you will see that many young people are experiencing similar struggles.
  • Although your feelings of isolation and being invisible are normal, it is important to realize, and truly believe, that suicide is not an option. While ending your life may seem, in moments of extreme pain, to be a solution to your suffering, doing this would only cause more suffering for those who care about you. It may be very difficult during this time to feel that there are those who care about you, but there are. You have a life ahead of you and deserve to live it. There are also people to turn to in times of need who you may not have even considered. For example, school counselors, teachers, librarians, coaches, or your parents. All of these people are there to help you. You should also feel free to call this hotline: 1-800-422-4453, if you ever feel you would benefit from speaking to a nonjudgmental person who can help you work through your feelings.
  • It can be very disheartening not to accomplish our goals, like winning a club election or succeeding an acting scene. However, failure is a very common part of life. Although it is treated like a dirty word sometimes, there could almost be nothing more standard and normal than to occasionally fail. Everyone you know and admire, in your own life, or in the public sphere, without exception, has failed many times along the way. There may never come a time when your failures will not make you sad at all, and that is okay; but maybe with a little bit of effort, there can come a time where they bother you less and encourage you to keep trying. This is not easy, but it is worth it. The things we are passionate about, like clubs, are what make life enjoyable and meaningful. It is important for you to not to give up in these arenas because of your setbacks. Perhaps think of different tactics you could apply next time, or reach out to some role models in your life for advice or guidance.
  • Bullying is never okay. It is especially unacceptable when it comes from someone who is supposed to have your best interests in mind, like your teacher. You should feel comfortable reporting bullying behavior from a teacher to your parents, another teacher, a school administrator, or school counselor. Your educational environment should be safe and supportive because that is what every student deserves.


  • Who are some people you feel comfortable talking to about your problems?
  • What are three specific ways you wish your life could be different? Who or what do you think may be able to assist you in making those changes happen?
  • What are five things you are good at?
  • What are five things you love doing?