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I just came out to a friend and i feel terrible. Just empty? I thought i would feel better but i feel empty, it doesn’t feel right.


  • First off and most importantly, thank you for sharing this with us here at TEEN CENTRAL. I can’t imagine how it must feel to have an expectation of such important information, and for it to not ” feel right”. There’s no way to know how people will react and sometimes that can contribute to your feelings afterwards. One thing we CAN tell you is that you are NOT ALONE in these feelings. We’d strongly recommend that you browse many of the stories already written on TeenCentral by our other writers. Many of them have had various reactions and feelings to coming out. You can see that you are among a company of young people that have struggled in this area and you may gather wisdom from what counselors have written to them as well as what is written here, specifically for you.
  • There is no way to know for sure how one is to feel with expressing such a wonderful, but ultimately very personal thing. Within our website here at Teen Central we can offer some information within the LEARN  Tab . If you click on this tab it will create a drop down box where information on SEXUALITY is located. The important thing is to know that again,  you are not alone .
  • Talking to someone face to face can be some of the best things that we can do for ourselves. Is there anyone that you feel as though you can talk to about how you are feeling? This can be anyone from a teacher, to a therapist , to a parent. Sitting down and discussing this empty feeling can really maybe spark a new emotion, or help express what some underlying feelings may be .


  • Sometimes the biggest critic of us is ourselves. Is there a possibility that you had a higher expectation of a response then was given ? One way to really explore this is to write. Writing to ourselves or journaling can really allow for us to process the information that we are really searching for . Maybe express how you would feel if someone came out to you, and really consider if this is why your expectation was so high, or low. If you aren’t already journaling and need help getting starting you can take a look at our What’s New blog on using journaling to cope with stress.
  • Feeling empty is never a good feeling. Within our WELLNESS tab there is some great information on RELAXATION . Finding a way to find ourselves is so important . Did you ever hear the saying our best friend is ourselves . Knowing who we are can be very fulfilling and allow for us to take on some pretty heavy things.
  • Lastly, if it is hard for you to find relaxation for yourself there is a great tool in the TOOLS section of our website. Here you will find different things that you can do . I happen to love the MUSIC activity , or the YOGA JOURNAL .