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Everything is Crumbling and Dying Around Me

By February 1, 2024No Comments

Hello, i have been dealing with many issues lately. recently i had gotten diagnosed with (an unknown type) of depression and anxiety. i have been cutting myself, pulling out/on my hair and punching myself. my dad yelled at me because of my grades going down and he said he’d factory reset my phone, i currently have a far distanced relationship and if my dad resets my phone i won’t be able to talk to him ever again. im panicking.

i feel like i have to force food down my throat whenever i eat. i been dealing with mental health issues for a while now and my dad knows this. im also NOT an adult and SHOULDNT feel this way, i messed up, i messed up horribly in life. negative thoughts as well, like constantly. just please help me out i feel like everything is crumbling and dying around me teencentral.



  • TAKE A DEEP BREATH. You are not alone, and the TeenCentral Community is here to support you. You’ve already taken the hardest step which is reaching out for help. And it took a lot of bravery and strength to ask for help so be proud of yourself. We’re proud of you!
  • If you are feeling unsafe at all, ever, it’s really important to us that you get help immediately. There is help 24/7. You can Text “HOME” to 741741 for crisis support. You can also text, call, or chat 988 at any time for the national suicide prevention lifeline.
  • We also feel like it’s important that you talk to a positive adult in your life that can listen and support you as soon as possible. It sounds like you are having a really hard time with your dad so talking to him could be tough, but we want you to find someone. Do you have any other positive family members, teachers, or community members that you trust and can talk to?


  • You are right in that you shouldn’t have to feel this way. The good news is there are things you can do to help yourself work through this tough time and feel better. One thing that we find super helpful is using journaling to organize your thoughts and feelings. HERE is a resource we have to help you get started.
  • It sounds like we need to find some effective coping skills for you to use. What types of activities do you find calming? physical activities like exercise, creative things like art, music, talking to a friend can all be great coping skills. Can you name 3 things you can do for yourself when you get upset and need to calm down? If you need any help, check out our TOOLS tab as there are a bunch of coping skills ideas there. This Depression Booklet could be very useful in your situation.
  • Learning about mental health is pretty important and can help you understand that a lot of what you are experiencing can be managed and overcome. Under our LEARN tab we have information on both depression and anxiety. We think you should check it out.