Faking Happiness

By December 10, 2021December 13th, 2021No Comments

I’m sick of faking my happiness, like please life just give it to me don’t make me fake it just give it. I need it to continue living like bruh.


First Help Yourself:

  • It certainly sounds like you have come to right the right place. Thank you for reaching out here on TeenCentral.
  • Have you asked yourself why you feel like you must fake your happiness? Have you tried talking to anyone about this? Family? Friends? Maybe talking about it with someone you feel you could trust can help you figure some of these tough things out.
  • If you are interested, take a look through our Tools tab and our Learn tab. Here you can find helpful tools for managing depression, benefits of balanced nutrition and fitness, along with many other topics. Also check out our What’s New section full of blogs about many common mental health and stress related issues.


Consider These Options:

  • Start a new hobby. Hobbies are great ways to center and occupy ourselves. There are many options our there from art such as drawing and painting to woodworking and crocheting and even sports and exercise. Exercies helps our brains produce dopamine and endorphins that make us happy.
  • Consider starting a journal to write in at the end of the day our when something is on your mind. Journal can help you make sense of all these thoughts and feelings and begin to heal.