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Family issues

By January 20, 2023No Comments

I have a brother, he is 16 and i am 18, every month he go on a tempertantrum and im the only one that causes them, my parents are always on his side and my mom doesnt help at all she kinda makes things worst by confronting asking my brother what happened which makes the situation even worse. let me give u an example, this happened 2 days ago, me and my brother were are the gym, he was squatting and i was working out behind him, he failed a rep and the weigh dropped off his back then onto the rack, the racks are for catching the bar so that did its job, and everything seemed fine, except him, he was furious, he says “thanks for helping dumb @ss, i said i was sorry i didnt realise what happen because i was so focused on my workout, when we got home, my brother poured juice onto my back from the straw, and then my parents confronted him, he started making noises, sounding like he came out of a mental asylum, he hit a few things, he went up stairs, screaming, at this point im trying to explain to my parents that i didnt mean to cause anything, but they dont understand, they think i did something on purpose to provoke him, i never try to provoke him, the truth is, hes the one who tries to provoke me but idrc cus im just like that, moments later when im downstairs, my dad is outside of the house taking a smoke, and guess what? my mom has to confront him once more, questioning him, then he starts screaming like a maniac again. end of story, what should i do so this doesnt happen again, im honestly sick and tired of his bs, this behavior usually comes every once a month.



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