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Feeling like a target

By June 19, 2017No Comments

I just heard about a black woman being murdered in front of her kids by the police. She had called 911 to report a burglary. I also came across the news that a Muslim girl walking home was killed by two men. In addition, I live near the site of the Pulse night club shooting that happened a year ago. It’s not uncommon that I hear about instances like these.
I myself am part of a marginalized community. Life is already tough as it is, but it’s even tougher when you are viewed as a threat simply because people don’t understand and don’t want to understand. Days like today when I come across more stories of people acting on hate, I become afraid for my own life and even for my loved ones.
How can I combat this in a peaceful way and feel a sense of safety and belonging? Or is it good for me to be vigilant to stay “woke” (not even sure I’m using that term the right way)?


  • You are correct; it does seem pretty scary out there right now with all the reporting of bad situations happening out there. You have every right to feel scared. However, there are also good things happening in the world all the time too.
  • Maybe instead of focusing on the bad things happening you can look at the good things happen which also occur just as much. There are acts of kindness happening all over this world. People standing up in love instead of hate.
  • Many people feel that doing things that bring them joy tends to alleviate the tension of everyday life. Whether you prefer to listen to music, write, draw, go to the gym, walk, run, play sports, etc., that may just be what you need right now.
  • There are also many charities and volunteer sites that can use kindness and love in their facilities and will welcome this at any time. Maybe if you feel badly about the world go out and do some love and kindness in the world through donating your time to a great cause to help support the world.


  • What would happen if you focused on the good things happening in the world instead of the bad things?
  • What could you do with some friends and family that can help you feel better about things in your life now?
  • What would happen if you donated your time to kindness and love at a charity where they really need it?