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He Hit the Dog

By November 12, 2022No Comments

why did my dad hit my dog twice for saying hello to us? I was going to stop him from barking the nice and peaceful way, but my dad stopped me and yelled at him, then he stopped barking but my dad hit him with a plastic bag twice even though he stopped barking


Seek Guidance:

  • Thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral for help and guidance with this situation. We surely will do our best for you!
  • Do you have another parent or other family members around that may have seen this &/or that you feel you could talk to about this type of behavior? If so I suggest you go to them for guidance and support.

Consider This:

  • Is your dog around people much? Consider taking the dog for walks and to parks to play to get exercise and exert their energy and interact with other people and dogs.
  •  Have you trained your dog? Training for dogs is super important and can seem challenging but not impossible. There are plenty of books that can help guide you through this process.
  • Was this when you were returning home? Consider having a designated area for you dog to remain while you are not home and then a plan to greet them and how you will greet them upon your return. Dogs need structure and routine and do well with lots of positive praise.