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He only wanted me for my body

By May 31, 2017June 2nd, 2017No Comments

I recently had a rather short “relationship” with a close friend of mine. Or, more accurately, I thought I had a relationship. It seemed like he only wanted me for my body and as soon as spring break was over I told a close friend of mine who I met him through. He started acting like he didn’t know me. He told her nothing happened until he showed her the messages between us and she realized he was lying. Now I feel like he hates me, and it’s making school really difficult. I found out he did this to other people, even a close friend of mine, and I want to report him.


  • It is okay to feel uneasy about decisions made in a relationship with a significant other.
  • If you feel that he took advantage of you and touched you without your consent, it may be a good idea to speak to an adult about it. More than likely, if he took advantage of you he’ll do the same to other girls in the future.  Without your consent, it is not okay.
  • Think about your feelings first and what would reasonably make you feel better. Sometimes forgiveness can make you feel better.
  • Since you attend the same school, think about notifying a trusted teacher or counselor about what happened and how uncomfortable you feel.


  • How would reporting this person make you feel? And how would it help yours or the next person’s situation?
  • What type of  extracurricular activities could get your mind off of things?
  • How do you feel about speaking to this boy about how his actions have affected you?
  • What advice would you give a close friend that came to you with this problem?