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Help me inherit my Brother’s Smartphone!

By July 23, 2017No Comments

HELP! I have about fourteen days to convince my dad to let me have my brother’s phone. See, at first my brother got his smartphone when he was in eleventh grade. Then my dad upgraded his own phone to an iPhone 6 and my brother got a HTC in eleventh. Today, my dad got the iPhone 7 and my brother got the 6 because he was going into college. Now there is the HTC phone that I want because I don’t have a smartphone. I have fourteen day OR LESS until he returns it. I have to convince my dad to let me have it, and it’s not going to be easy. My brother say “when I was your age I didn’t have a smartphone because dad never let me.” But I really want it and I have no idea about how to convince him. My dad’s the kind of person who won’t trust you, especially me. Please help!


It seems like a logical step to let you have your bother’s HTC if he has upgraded to an iPhone 6 now. With a smartphone, you will access to navigation information and better communication. It is also a great research tool and opens up more possibilities.

Having a smartphone can have it’s downside too. It is typically a huge distraction for a lot of students in school and teachers struggle to teach classes while students are on their hidden phones. Even college students use their smartphones in class. It can also be a danger to you if you are unaware of your surroundings because you are too busy looking at your phone.

Those are some of the things that your Dad might be concerned about before agreeing to allow you to have a smartphone. If you can convince him that you will prove to him that you will only use it responsibly and safely and not disrespectfully in class, you could stand a good chance of inheriting your brother’s HTC.


What do you think your Dad’s arguments will be against you owning a smartphone right now?

Are you willing or able to help pay for the phone plan or offer chores in exchange?

What are all the unsafe and irresponsible ways that someone could use their smartphone?

How would having a smartphone be of the most benefit to you?