I Can’t Believe We Did This to Ourselves

By January 2, 2022No Comments

Last night, my college roommate and I went out and got REALLY drunk. How drunk, you ask? Well, my name is now tattooed on her butt. And her name is tattooed on mine.

Neither of us remembers going to the tattoo parlor. That’s how drunk we were. We’re not a couple (neither of us is gay), so we have no idea what possessed us to do this to ourselves.

Now that the initial shock has worn off, my roommate thinks this is hilarious. Maybe I’ll find it funny someday, but right now I’m worried about how I’ll explain this to my boyfriend.


Help Yourself:

  • It sounds like you’re regretting an impulsive decision that has potentially permanent consequences.  Thank you for trusting Teen Central to try and help.
  • If you’re of the age to legally drink alcohol, consider setting limits on yourself that will prevent effective decision-making from being taken out of your hands.  Know your limits and who you should be with that will be able to keep your best interests in mind.
  • In regards to explaining this situation to your boyfriend, honesty is always the best policy.  Consider where and how would be the best time and place to talk to let him know what happened.

Consider This:

  • Where would be a good place to have this discussion with your boyfriend that offers the least chance of distractions or interruptions?  Try and find someplace where you can both talk out your feelings in privacy without others becoming a part of your discussion.
  • Listen to what he has to say.  He may be upset, or he may not, but he’s entitled to those feelings either way.  Be honest and listen so you both can get through this and move on.
  • Consider what kind of effect alcohol is having on your life.  If it’s impacting your ability to make safe, healthy decisions for yourself, you may want to consider getting help or stopping before it becomes more of an issue in your life.  Try using the website below to look for resources that could help, including a hotline number you can call.

Alcohol Addiction Hotlines – 24/7 Toll-Free Alcohol Addiction Helplines (