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I cant even……..

By September 30, 2022No Comments

I can’t even live my life. My schools homophobic, my family is homophobic, I don’t have anywhere to live how I want. I can’t express myself without people calling me evil or confused. I’m not either of those… i always get afraid and I have trauma because of people saying how evil I am and whenever I have feelings or am in a relationship I’m so on edge and afraid someone is going to call me out and yell at me. Anyways



Help Yourself

  • Thank you for writing into TeenCentral . We are sorry to hear that this is what you are going through right now
  • Is there anyone that you can talk to right now that is a supportive adult. This doesn’t have to be in the school . This could be a neighbor , external family member, coach , or religious affiliate. It would be important to maybe have this conversation with someone in the school though as if you are feeling this way there might be others that feel this way.
  • If you are feeling as though you have limited resources right now there are some great help lines that can assist with this. If you are in crisis you can text “hello” 741741 or the following link which is focused on assisting LGBT youth.

Trevor Project Lifeline
Available 24/7
Confidential suicide hotline for LGBT youth


Consider This 

  • There are a few ways that you can express yourself that are both creative and will allow for you to process through what you are feeling. You could do this by journaling , or by drawling. Allowing yourself to go through what you are feeling and process could assist you in identification of the feelings and might make you feel more supported.
  • Talking to someone about how you are feeling and advocating for yourself. If you feel as though your school is homophobic as you indicated above there is the potential that others feel the same. Maybe this is something that needs to be explored more. Is this one staff, or many ? Discussing this with a guidance counselor could really allow you to see if this is a perception or a reality  of what is going on and then it might shed some light on a situation.