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I can’t go to school tomorrow

By January 24, 2023No Comments

Hi, I don’t have a phone so I can’t call you so I just emailed you.

I m a very shy and introverted person even extremely shy I do have 2 best friends and they are super nice to me not both of them but sometimes it just feels that my friend

letters call her A is trying to put me down whatever it is. I’m in (#)th grade and I go to a  school in (Place) I didn’t go to school for a month and 12 days because a was on vacation which is not really one I just went to another country (my home country) to stay with my grandma because she was super sick, and it was supposed to be only 1 month but because I missed my flight one and my other flight was canceled and the last flight was delayed I missed school for 12 days more. Now that I’m back from my 15 hours flight I have to go to school and I just can’t I find it so hard to go not just because I’m tired and its exam week but also because I’m mentally not ready to go to school I’ve been always like since I started going to school but this time it is just so heavy for me I guess I’m afraid of people’s judgment the teachers, my friends, the other student and the people that work at school and my school is the type of school that will judge at every little thing you do . I’m just so embarrassed and not ready to go to school I did beg my parent not to go today even though I have exams but I still have to deal with tomorrow

So can I please and begging you to give me a solution or tell me what to do as soon as possible. thank you for taking your time and listening to me.

Ways You Can Yourself

  • First, I want to thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral, it takes a lot of courage to tell your story. Be proud of yourself for making a big step.
  • Being away from your normal day to day life and friends can be very stressful. The fact that you are returning on exam week probably makes it even more stressful.
  • Have you talked to your parents about how you are feeling? That would be a great place to start. Expressing yourself and your feelings can help all of you come up with different ways to handle situations. They can also be there to support you. If you don’t feel comfortable talk to them is there any other trusting adult you can talk too? Like, a friend’s parent, school counselor or teacher. You would be surprised how much they can help. All adults have been children and teenagers and have gone through issues and hard times just like you are now.

Find Some Help

  •  TeenCentral website has several ways to cope with stress and anxiety. I would suggest taking a look at the website. Under “What’s New” there is an activity to help you . Under the “Learn” tab there is a subcategory called Anxiety this can help you understand how stress and anxiety affects you. Under ‘Tools” you can find Self-Positive Talk statements that can help you get into a better frame of mind.
  • Thank you again for having the courage to tell your story. Please know TeenCentral is here if you are in need. You are strong and brave. Please reach out again if you ever need a point in the right direction.