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I Cut

By April 1, 2024April 19th, 2024No Comments

I a cutter i do it shallow


  • Thank you so much for writing to TeenCentral!!! You are very brave for writing about such a scary topic!
  • If you are ever feeling like you may want to hurt yourself or are so scared you just don’t know what to do, considered texting the word “HOME” to 741741. This is direct contact to a counselor at the Crisis Textline. Counselors are available 24/7 and are always ready to help any way they can. You can also visit their website which is full of resources that can be very helpful to you.
  • Have you told anyone about how you sometimes cut yourself? This can be a very scary thought. Especially since many people out there don’t understand it. But you may be surprised hw much help is available to you. You just have to find it. Hopefully we can help you achieve this.
  • Consider talking to a trusted adult about this such as your parents/guardians. Or maybe a Teacher or Guidance Counselor at school. How about that favorite aunt/uncle or cousin? Any of these people may be able to help you find the support you need during these challenging times.


  • TeenCentral offers many resources and guides that can and will help you navigate through this. Check out the Learn section on our website. Here you can read about topics such as Anxiety, Depression, Self Injury, and Wellness. I strongly encourage the Self Injury and Wellness sections. They offer so much insight and ways to fight these urges and stay busy and healthy.
  • Our Tools page can help you navigate your feelings/emotions during these challenges moments, find/develop your support system, and even aid in discovering your personal coping skills.
  • The Support Plan, Social Skills, and Self Positive Talk guides and activity sheets are great places to start your journey. I also would recommend using this MOOD TRACKER. You could start to see a pattern of what moods seem to trigger cutting incidents and then maybe try to replace the unhealthy behavior with a new healthier way to cope with that emotion.
  • Remember that YOUR coping skills are YOURS! They are what brings YOU joy. What keeps YOU busy. What helps to calm YOU and center YOU when you are feeling overwhelmed in the moment. Think about some Positive Coping Skills YOU may have. You may not even realized you have them at first. How about walking/running or exercising. Exercising naturally makes us happy, as much as you may not want to do it, after you are done you feel the positive change. Listening to, playing/writing music &/or musical instruments. Talking to others, watching movies or reading books. These are all great places to start. Sometimes its as simple as coloring/painting, or small crafts. Consider learning a new skill such as crocheting or sewing. It may sounding silly at first but you may be surprised.

Remember how strong and brave you were when you wrote to TeenCentral, you’ve got this!