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I feel depressed

By June 20, 2017No Comments

I feel depressed a lot. I cope with it by rebuilding my other emotions, but I don’t like it. I think it is causing more problems in my life and causing stress, increasing my problems. I can’t fix it because I am stuck in place, and I can’t change the way my mind works – just the input. I have mental self-harm, and I beat myself up physically.


  • It can certainly be hard to heal when you feel trapped in your own head. It is good that you are looking for positive change.
  • If you feel as though you are harming yourself, mentally or physically, it helps to seek professional guidance like from a doctor or psychiatrist. Even going to a school counselor or nurse can be someone to turn to.
  • At the very least, try talking to an adult like a guardian or someone you look up to and trust. You may find that talking out all of your emotions can help give yourself some clarity and help you sort out all of your thoughts and emotions. An adult may also be able to give you some advice that you would not have thought of.
  • Try to avoid situations where you start to feel down. If it happens when you are alone, surround yourself with friends. Keep yourself busy and try to focus on other tasks.
  • If you feel overly-stressed, take a minute to breathe. Try meditation or yoga. Repeat positive phrases of encouragement to yourself whenever you begin to feel negative.
  • Stay strong! Don’t be afraid to seek help!


  • What situations cause you to start to feel down or negative?
  • Who can you turn to for help?
  • What are some positive things/strengths you can say about yourself?
  • What are some methods you think you can use to de-stress?