I Get Bullied For the Things I Take Joy From

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I get bullied for the things I take joy from.

I am 15, and I get bullied for liking My Little Pony. I am in high school just trying to enjoy myself and people try to get under my skin for something that brings me happiness. Don’t let them bring you down for ANYTHING that brings you joy. Do you like stuffed animals? Buy more if you want! Do you like childish tv shows? Keep watching if it brings you joy! Don’t let a few words discourage you from something that spoke to you with more than just a few words.



  • Good for you!  Thank you for writing in to us to support people who are going through similar situations.
  • Here at Teen Central we like to help through giving advice but also educate on these very topics. If you’re feeling like you would like more information or support to work through Bullying we have a resource within our LEARN tab . Another resource people may want to try using is  The site contains resources for understanding bullying, and who to talk to as well as things you can do to help yourself and maybe even some others.
  • For some people, standing up for your values, beliefs and interests seems to be an innate part of who they are.  For others, it’s an extremely difficult thing to do.  Whichever category you fall into, it’s never a comfortable thing to do, and having to defend yourself can oftentimes cause you to question yourself.  This is why having a strong support system is important.  Consider trying to find people who support you for who you are- people who make you feel like a better version of yourself are the ones you may want to invest time in.


  • You’d be amazed at how many people are interested in things that remind them of their childhood.  You aren’t’ alone in that!  Most of the time bullies are looking for something that will make you insecure, but not because that’s what they’re really focused on.  They’re usually unhappy themselves and are finding ways to make others as unhappy as they are.  Maybe try and safely find a group of people in your area that enjoy the same things that you do.
  • No one should feel like they need to go through bullying by themselves.  Consider finding a trusted adult  to discuss what’s going on.  They may be able to help without putting you in the spotlight, or at least give some ideas for handling the situation in the future..
  • BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE!   These unique qualities are the things that make you special, and others will see it.