I hate my life

I hate my life

I hate my life.


  • It is not uncommon for people to not like parts of their life, the situations they are in, or people they must interact with. The good news is that situations can change or can be changed or one can change the way they react/think about the situation.
  • If you are being bullied, abused, or something of this nature, you should consider telling a trusted adult, such as a teacher, parent, or religious leader. If you are having physical or mental health problems, also consider telling someone.
  • Without knowing your specific problem or issue, it is difficult to be more specific, but there are some things you can do to work out your thoughts and/or emotions, such as talk to a friend or trusted adult. You could also journal about what you are dealing with. Other options that may help you feel better may include things like exercise, group activities like sports, yoga, going for a walk, listening to music, or other activities that you find enjoyable.
  • Other things you may want to consider may be gratitude journaling (write down everything you are thankful for), try to re-frame your thoughts in a more positive light, or change your self-talk (repeat/rehearse positive affirmations, things that you are good at, your strengths, or things you want to be like confident or brave).


  • Why do you hate your life?
  • What positive things could you do to better your situation?
  • Have you talked to anyone about what you are going through or how you are feeling? Why or why not?
  • Who do you have that you can talk to? Who do you consider to be your support system?
  • Have you sought out professional help? Why or why not?