I Hate Myself

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I hate myself with the power of 1,000 suns. I accidently taught my sister to spin a tiny fidget spinner in her mouth. My dad yelled at me bc she could possibly choke on it. I wish I was never born. I might possibly murder a child with my ideas. I feel stupid, idiotic, like a nasty human. Name any bad characteristics, I probably feel like it.


  • It must be hard to feel this way about yourself when this happened with your sister.  Thank you for reaching out for help to the TeenCentral Community. Many of our writers have felt badly about themselves for choices they have made. You are not alone. We would suggest that you take some time to read some of their stories and read some of the counselors’ responses to those stories. It might be helpful to you.
  • This situation sounds a bit like an impulsive decision that you made thinking it would be fun or funny for your sister that turned out not to be so. And then it seems like you didn’t only feel badly about that situation, but about EVERYTHING. It kind of seems like you didn’t only feel badly about this choice but about EVERY CHOICE you’ve ever made. You felt badly not only about one characteristic about yourself, but about your WHOLE SELF. What if instead of doing that you made the problem smaller – like the size it actually is? What if you could see that the problem is a mistake you made that you could be sorry for, not do again, and move on from? It doesn’t have to mean your a horrible person and everything is wrong with you. What about that?
  • Have you tried sitting down with your dad and talk to him about how you’re feeling?  Sometimes we feel like we’re broadcasting what’s going on with us, but don’t realize that others aren’t picking up on it.  It may help to sit down with him and have a conversation about what you’re feeling and why.
  • Have you ever considered talking to a counselor about your feelings?  Getting upset and feeling negatively about ourselves is a common thing once in awhile, however if these feelings are happening more often, or if you are starting to feel unsafe, you may want to seek outside help.  A counselor, therapist, etc. may be able to help you navigate your feelings safely and guide you toward safe measures to help you feel better about yourself.
  • Please check out our HELP PAGE and see if there are any numbers you could call that could give you immediate help right now. We often recommend the Crisis Helpline. Just text “Hello” to 741741 and start a conversation.


  • If you haven’t looked through out site yet, you may want to try looking in our “Learn” tab where we have a topic dedicated to understanding depression.  You could also try our “Tools” tab where we have different ideas for coping with depression, creating a daily positive reminder, or creating a mood tracker.
  • Getting outside and getting sunlight is a great way to improve your mood.  Have you tried increasing your time outside at all?  Going for walks, jogging, yoga can all help you feel more settled, especially if you’re getting more vitamin D.
  • Keep in mind- many people feel this way about themselves at times- you are NOT alone.  The important part is making sure you are able to navigate these feelings safely.